Welcome to Vance Construction. We specialize in several areas of construction for your residential or commercial construction needs. Please take a look through the previous projects and reviews we have made available for you here.

We understand that home repairs, remodeling and/or construction can be overwhelming and having multiple contractors can add stress to that. We try to manage all aspects for you and many of our clients call us for their new projects because they liked having one person handling all aspects of the project that they can trust.

We are licensed and skilled in the following areas:

– Framing and drywall
– Plaster of interior walls (new textures or match the old)
– Painting Interior or Exterior
– Stucco application new construction or repair
– Three Coat Stucco
– Installation of flooring; all types of tile and wood flooring
– Bathroom remodeling
– Kitchen remodeling
– Deck building
– Pressure washing

Additional Services we provide through our associates:

– Complete Plumbing Service: repairs and new construction
– Complete Electrical Service: repairs and new construction